Heber Hunt Elementary students soon will be able to earn the privilege to read books in the school’s new Viking-inspired ship.

Principal Angie Meyer got the idea from a school in Springfield, and the boat goes along with this year’s theme of “Where In The World Is Heber Hunt?” She wanted something that would help set the tone for the school and convey the excitement and adventure of learning. The plan is for access to the boat, which is set up inside the school’s main entrance, to be an incentive reward for positive behavior, achieving academic goals and good citizenship.

Assistant Principal Pat Pyle considered building the boat himself, but district Maintenance Director Richie Simons suggested Pyle reach out to Smith-Cotton High engineering teacher Michael Wright to see if his students would be interested in designing and building the boat.

Juniors Chloe Eckhoff and Dayne Hart took on the challenge and made it happen, with the help of fellow juniors Braxton Poort and Dylan Davis. The boat, which is 16 feet long and 3 feet wide, was moved from the high school to Heber Hunt on Monday, Dec. 12.

The boat is unfinished, so it will be stained or painted and padding will be added for students’ comfort and safety.

Pyle expressed pride in seeing Sedalia 200 students creating something for younger students.

“It’s beyond anything I thought it would be,” Meyer said. “It really is cool.”

In the photos:
PIC1: Heber Hunt Elementary Assistant Principal Pat Pyle, left, and Custodian Juan Contreras, third from right, move the school’s new boat into place as Security Officer Andrew Beier and Principal Angie Meyer look on.

PIC2: Smith-Cotton High juniors Chloe Eckhoff and Dayne Hart, seated, and Dylan Davis and Braxton Poort built a Viking-inspired ship for Heber Hunt Elementary School.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

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