City living isn't for everyone.

I lived in or next to Chicago for most of my 20s, and while I love Chicago, I'm not sure I'd want to live in a big city neighborhood there, or anywhere else. If you're residing in West Central Missouri, you might feel similarly. Or you might have explored living in Kansas City, St. Louis, or some other big town and decided smaller is better. Even if it's not for you, it's nice to see what folks are saying about the big city down the block, and Thrillist has some great things to say about Kansas City.

Kansas City was one of the places that made Thrillist's list of "Underappreciated American Cities You Should Totally Move To". And Kansas City's in good company. Also making the list is Des Moines, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Greenville, Grand Rapids, and the Fayetteville/Benton area.

As for Kansas City, Thrillist likes its hipness. They say, "KCMO has become the unlikely stomping ground of hip urbanites opting for a three-bedroom house at a fraction of what they'd pay for a crawlspace in Brooklyn." They like the revitalized neighborhoods with funky lofts and condos that are actually affordable. Along with the City's art and commerce scene. Also, a plus in Thrillist's view is the free trolley system, and high-speed internet.

Thrillist also singles out the City's art scene in the historic Crossroads neighborhood. The hub of African-American culture at 18th and Vine featuring the American Jazz Museum. And it's unique LGBTQ-friendly climate, which is notable since Kansas City is smack dab in the middle of two red states.

That said, I'm not sure how many Kansas Citians aren't paying for high-speed internet in their home. Or how practical the trolley is unless you live along the route. Not to mention, it glosses over Kansas City's big-city problems that we see on the television every night. Not that any of those things should stop someone from moving to Kansas City, or any big town, those problems are part of big city life anywhere.

I do like the affordable funky lofts. If I ever wind up working in Kansas City and can find a loft that's actually affordable, not seemingly affordable to someone who paid top dollar for a New York City apartment. But an honest to goodness affordable rent. That might actually get me to consider city living again.

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