So not that long ago, Arby's announced that they were releasing a brand new item to their menu.  Like many specialty foods, it is only for a limited time.  It will be available through Feb 6th.

They are calling it the Diablo Dare Sandwich.  It is supposed to be very spicy and it is available with chicken or brisket. How hot? To Be Determined.

The sandwich has 5 spicy ingredients.  Now, to be fair, what one person finds spicy, one may not.  But the sandwiches comes with a spicy seasoning, ghost pepper jack cheese, diced jalapenos, Diablo barbecue sauce (which is made with 4 types of peppers), and a Diablo bun that is packed with chipotle pepper flakes.  It comes as a combo, which includes fries and a drink.  Also included is a vanilla shake.

attachment-Arby's 1
attachment-Arby's 2

Mike and I went with the Brisket sandwich and Bill went for the chicken.  In looking at the sandwiches in more detail, I think the chicken was prepared more intensely, as some of the pictures will show.

attachment-Arby's 4
attachment-Arby's 5

Above is the chicken sandwich.  Below is how the brisket sandwiches looked.

attachment-Arby's 3
attachment-Arby's 6

Well once everything was all lined up, we began to eat.  I can speak for Mike and I.  We thought the sandwich was delicious.  I sensed that after looking at how Bill's chicken sandwich was prepared, that he would be suffering more than us.  I should also mention that Mike doesn't do dairy, or very little, so he did not try the shake.  Bill and I did.  So how was everything?  Video is below:

Overall we did enjoy the sandwiches.  To put a button on this:  I had no side affects for the day.  I did take an Alka-Seltzer about 3 hours later but my stomach was not rumbling, no weird sweats, and no heartburn.  For Bill and Mike, they admitted that the next morning, they had "repercussions" but nothing too severe and they both made it to work on time, as did I.    I do wonder how I would react if I would have had the chicken, instead of the brisket.  If you do like spicy foods, these sandwiches are worth trying.

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