This situation in Ferguson is a sad situation. I am hoping they can all get together and hopefully peace will come about. One of things that people have talked about is the so called called gap between the public and law enforcement.

I'm left wondering what is it that law enforcement can do to fix whatever gaps are there.

I remember growing up, my dad was a Security Policeman at Whiteman Air Force Base. I remember that law enforcement would stay on corners from time to time to not only police the streets, but they also passed out football cards to kids as they came around. Kids would go crazy for the cards and even made them collectibles. They all had good anti-crime messages. The kids would feel comfortable talking with officers and officers probably felt more at ease too.

As I grew up, Nancy Reagan started the Just Say No Program, which I think was another good avenue for kids to recognize that is ok to say no to drugs. The DARE Program kicked off shortly after that and continues that message. Recently the Boys & Girls Club even had a night out with law enforcement to take the message of keeping kids busy, would deter crime in the area. There are even School Resource Officers that are very helpful at schools. I think we do a pretty good job of keeping community relations up around here.

All those programs have done tremendous things for our public. I'm left to wonder, what else could law enforcement do to help show their abilities and bridge gaps in public and avoid situations like what has happened in Ferguson. What do you think are some good ideas to help bridge relationships in some areas?

I came across this video from Kansas City and it brought on a good laugh, but maybe more of this type of thing is needed  to show that police do some great things, with just something simple. (or as this officer found wasn't so simple.)