The Warrensburg City Council discussed raising their adoption fees at the city's animal shelter at Monday night's regular meeting.

Currently, the fee to adopt a cat or dog is $50 at Old Drum and Friends Animal Shelter. The new proposed fee schedule will look like this:

Adoption fees:

Cats > 6 months $50-$75 (currently $50)

Kittens < 6 months $50-$100 (if adopting 2 kittens at same time second kitten is ½ price) (currently $50 with no break for the second kitten)

Adult Dogs $75-$150 (currently $50)

Puppies $75-$200 (currently $50)

Senior Pets (10 years or older) $25 (currently $50)

Reclaim Fees:

Offense Fee $25

Unaltered Fee $25

Boarding $10/day

Rabies Quarantine Fee:

10-day quarantine for observation $200 ($20/day) (currently $10/day)

The surrender fee of an owned pet is currently $80. Theat fee ould increase to $100.

Johnson County Stray (Dogs Only) $20/dog (no change)

City of Warrensburg Stray (Cats & Dogs) $10/animal (currently no charge)
 No charge if picked up by Animal Control

The prices would fluctuate according to demand, it was explained, referred to as “dynamic adoption fees.”

A trap, neuter (or spay) and release (TNR) program much like Sedalia implemented in March was also discussed Monday night.

Dogs and cats snuggle together

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