In the last two weeks there have been numerous graduations in our area, from college to high school to kindergarten and even preschool ceremonies. This week marks the final day of school for those awaiting for the next grade.

I enjoyed seeing my kids learn this year, and am a bit torn over my daughter, Lillibeth, finishing kindergarten. She has certainly learned a lot in this grade, as many students do. She struggled to read at the beginning of the year, and now she can't put a book down. She was happy to know 1-10 at the beginning of the year, and now she just counts as high as until she gets tired of counting.

She loves to draw and do art. Well... OK, she's always enjoyed that. She made a lot of new friends outside the confines of our neighborhood and family friends. I know she will do well in the 1st grade next year, and thanks to Skyline Elementary and Mrs. Jackson for being a great start to her education.

The same goes for my son, Gabriel, who was named a "Hero Kid" in Mrs. Klover's class. He enjoyed speed reading and being the first to count up to 1,000 and just helping out others. He started reading chapter books instead of those quick ones, and I'm already starting to roll my head around on math problems he struggles with. His constant improvement also amazes me, and he always wants to learn.

One thing that both my son and daughter, and I'm sure each of your kids share, is they look forward to what comes ahead, but will remember this year fondly.

Alas, the school year is over, and as the saying is and I'm reminded by the great movie 'Meatballs,'"Are You Ready for the Summer?"