Losing someone is tough. No, I am not talking about being in a store and you wander off to another aisle and can’t be found or you can’t find that person that you came with.

I’m talking about losing a relative and/or a friend to death. Of course, it could be one in the same. It may be a friend that you have known since you were a child, it may be a from a brief meeting with someone that you met through a business deal, playing with on a ball team in years past or just a quick introduction through a mutual acquaintance.

I had a friend/classmate from my Butler school days die of an apparent heart attack this week. I received the word by text from a classmate Monday evening. I’m still a little in shock over it. I guess it hits closer to home since we were of the same age and even though no matter how old you are, when it happens, when you get the news, you feel like that person was much too young to die.

We lost a couple of people in the Sedalia community in the last week, too. So many of the family and/or friends of these two probably also thought that they were also, too young to do die at their present age.

My wife told me something that has stuck with me about dying. She either read this or heard it from someone else. The day you are born the clock starts ticking. Your date is marked. You are standing in line, waiting until the day you leave this world. In her opinion as in mine, our days on earth are already marked.

Losing that special someone in our lives is tough but the great memories of those family members/friends will remain and help ease the burden of the loss.

Rest in peace Jody Baker, Ron Ditzfeld, and Hope Lecchi. To each of us, in different ways, you were special. You will be missed.

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