Well everyone, it's time for us all to buckle back down and get to work again, right? 
There's no more jokes about the no-man's land between Christmas and New Year, and everyone is back from their time off.  I mean, this is the closest time of year anybody gets to "normal", right?

So of course, that means we have to disrupt that normal a little.  Or, at least, our pets do.  So I asked you on our Facebook page for some lulz.

Let's start the year off with some laughs. Show me the funniest photo you have ever taken of a pet! (If there's a story behind the picture, please tell it!)

Naturally, I had to start with my own crazy furballs.  This is Kitten, and for some reason she....just decided she needed to check my laundry the other day.


I mean, don't get me wrong, she was in no danger.  But she has had a persistent habit lately of wanting to know every little thing I'm doing around the house.  It's gotten her the nickname The Manager from NJ.  Because she's kind of like a micro managing supervisor, always down your neck, right?

Anyway, let's get to your submissions!

Vicky C - I have MANY funny pics of my pets.. this is Ethel.. she is deaf.. and sleeps in the weirdest positions.. it is easy to take pictures of her since she doesn't hear me coming..lol


You know, it's hard out here for a cat.  It's a lot of stress.

Peggy W - Charlie Bear showing his angry face. Was trying to get a view of his double row of teeth for the vet by tickling his belly.


So not so much "angry face" as it was, "caught ya!"

This is Wiener and Callie.. Wiener passed a year ago.. Callie was my first failed foster.. got her in 2007..she passed away in May.. Callie always preferred to hang out with dogs and humans instead of other cats.. Her and Wiener were great buddies.. Can tell by Callie's smile. Miss them both


Awww, ain't they cuties.  Banky and Pauline used to cuddle like that.

Valerie B - Diesel thought he had to scratch his way into the tote. All good now that his human had to pick him up and place him inside.


Isn't that always the way?  You try to get 'em stuff they'll like, and they like the thing it came in more.

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Shaleena B. submitted her own without comment.


I mean, it's just a blep.  If you don't know the song, make sure you sing it to your pet at the next opportunity you have.

Amy N - He's obsessed with destroying TP !


OH BOY.  I bet you have to get some creative storage solutions for that household.  Luckily, George, might have an idea.

George H -  Shadow replacing the roll.


See, Shadow's got this.  Maybe they can do a little exchange program.  One cat comes by to destroy the TP roll, the other comes by to replace it.

Lisa S. N - I love putting snap filters on my Coco Channel.

Cute.  Now is that a puppy, or just a small dog? Or both?!
And of course, there are a ton of photos I could submit to you of my Figgy being a mess.  Sometimes it's faces in shoes or slippers, sometimes it's the blep, sometimes it's just... her flopping wherever she feels like flopping.
attachment-figgy typin

I guess she was going to get some work done for me?  I don't know. I do know this, it's always great to see your photos and comments in any question I ask.  Here's hoping you guys got a good giggle out of this batch!

Workingly yours,


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