You guys, I am not a meteorologist.  I don't have any training in the field, but I have to know enough to share. 

It's part of the gig.  You have to tell people what's going on in case they don't know. So with the weather we've had last week, and with what we might be getting today even, it's important to know how serious things can be.  After all, you may need to take shelter.

That doesn't mean you have to take yourself seriously while you're doing it, though.

The Johnson County Emergency Management Agency is a great example of that! Sure, most of the time on their social media, they have important things to tell the public.  Missing kids, closed roads, crime watches, health notices... it's a lot of important information..

And part of that information to inform the public and keep them safe when it comes to these storms we've been having.  It can be hard for the average person to remember how serious a storm can be (people ask me all the time), so their Facebook page decided to share a simple, hilarious way to know the difference between a weather watch and a warning.


With the severe storms headed our way tonight make sure you know the difference between a watch and warning!

Watch: We have the ingredients to make tacos.
Warning: We are having tacos right now!

See, doesn't that make it simple? When there's thunderstorm watch, it means the conditions are right that a thunderstorm could happen. When a thunderstorm warning is issued, that means it's happening right now. So next time you hear about a Thunderstorm Watch or a Tornado Warning, it'll be easy for you to remember the difference in seriousness.  And it'll probably make you want tacos.

Guacamolingly yours,


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