The Knob Noster School District and Whiteman Elementary held a rededication ceremony last night (Nov. 13) at Whiteman Air Force Base. Brigadier General Thomas Bussiere, Knob Noster School Superintendent Dr. Jaret Tomlinson, and the Knob Noster School Board were there to cut a ribbon to mark the occasion.

"I think this shows the commitment both from the Air Force and the school district," Dr. Tomlinson said. "We understand how important each other are to the other and we certainly want to maintain that, and this a great start to that."

"Our families absolutely love the fact that this school is here on the installation," said General Bussiere. "You entrust your national security to the airman on this installation everyday, but we entrust to you something more important and that's our kids. That is something that is not done lightly and that is something we don't hold lightly."

Bussiere thanks all the teachers, administrators and the supporters of the district to keeping this partnership for the next 30 years at Whiteman.

Below is a full interview and comments with Dr. Tomlinson and Brigadier General Bussiere on this occasion.