Kohl’s opened its doors to the public about three weeks ago. We know that Hobby Lobby will be opening its doors soon. So we asked our Facebook friends, "What would you like to see open next in Sedalia?" Restaurant, retail store...something else? Here are some of the answers we received.


Heather - I am a realist. I don't think we are big enough for an Olive Garden, but I would love a Fazoli's!

Ginger - Target, Macy's, Sam's, Gordman's, Marshall's with a Home Good's, definitely a Culver's, why not dream BIG!!!

Tracey - A community center for our kids, a whole foods grocery store, buffalo wild wings.

Cindy - I would like to see them open a place that has a pizza and salad buffet with loads of games for big kids and little kids so that there's something for them to do instead of getting in trouble all the time.

MaryJayne - Olive Garden , I-Hop, a good shoe store that carries a bigger variety of shoes for big feet, as in women who have big feet. Yes there are real Peggy Hills in this world. Not me but I'm just saying..lol. I am a 12 wide width though.

Marqueta Bates - A Bonkers would be wonderful! It's a pizza/sandwich shop with a maze of climbing and playing opportunity for toddlers and another side for 5 to 10 year olds. Perfect place for winter and hot summer play and birthday parties, play dates, etc. they have one in Columbia we've been to dozens of times!

What would you like to see come to Sedalia?