As someone who watches the price of gas closely for some sign of reason for the raising or lowering of the price, I have to say that I am confused most of the time.Most of us would believe it should have nothing to do with some Sheikh in a small Arab country catching a cold, but the oil companies will use that excuse if there is no other.

Gas prices have been coming down lately, and a person would think it is a result of falling oil prices, which have fallen from $110 a barrel to just over $80 a barrel, and still falling. Now given that no Shiek has sneezed lately, can someone explain to me why gas prices went up 10 cents yesterday (June 12)?

The oil company heads remind me of the kings and queens of olden days, who had no problem taxing their subjects into poverty so they could buy the baubles of the time. Today it might be a new yacht or an airplane.

Do you think the expression "Let them eat cake," comes to their lips now and then?