As I was passing by Jennie Jaynes Stadium the other week, I couldn't help but think about all the games that stadium has hosted and all the memories of everyone who has stepped on the field to play under the lights on a Friday night. The parents, students, and alumni that sat in the stands to cheer on a Fall night. I was able to capture the moment that the lights officially went out on Jennie Jaynes Stadium.

I have had great personal experiences with Jennie Jaynes Stadium, from playing under the lights for the first time in the Sedalia Youth Football League Championship, to playing for the Silver Tiger Trophy, Jennie Jaynes Stadium has always been special.

As I was passing by the stadium a few weeks ago, a couple of men were taking down the lights at the stadium, I pulled in and grabbed my camera. As I walked into the stadium the lights were already down and I couldn't help but to think about all the times those lights provided the vision for rivalry games, last minute drives, overtime thrillers, and for many, the last game as a senior.

The 2015 Smith-Cotton football season will kickoff  in a new stadium. New memories will be made, but the memories of Jennie Jaynes Stadium will always be as vivid as those lights on a Friday night.