There has been a lot said about our weather patterns and the forecasts that are brought. However, I know many of you start the day with finding out about what's predicted for the day. Sadly one of the greats of this area to bring us those predictions, Dan Henry, passed away at the age of 89.

Dan Henry delivered forecasts for about 30-years in the Kansas City area on WDAF, Fox 4. He had a charm with bringing a smile whenever we'd have days of heat or a cold spell. It is hard to believe that he retired in 1992, but when I first moved here in 1985, I remember watching his forecasts and quickly learned the phrase "Dan said it would be like this." I couldn't even tell you who was predicting the forecast on the other networks in Kansas City at that time, but Dan Henry was recognizable and will be greatly missed.

I could only imagine what he'd say about the snow on the ground right now.

I enjoyed watching the Fox4 tribute to this great man and if you have a favorite moment of Dan Henry, feel free to share.