On Sunday at approximately 6:15 p.m., Pettis County Deputies received notification of a physical domestic disturbance at 28731 Hwy AA during which a female subject was allegedly beaten, choked, and dragged across both the floor and a gravel driveway.

Also present was an individual in a wheelchair who was in the care of the female subject.

Upon arrival at a satellite location to where the victim and ward had escaped to contact law enforcement, it was learned that the suspect was heavily armed and had made statements about killing the family animals, the female, the subject in the wheelchair, and responding law enforcement.

As deputies arrived at the driveway, they observed a sign posted at the entrance essentially advising law enforcement that if they continued down the driveway, they would not be able to go home to their families.

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Based on the statements attained by the victim, allegations of multiple weapons, and the fact that the suspect had constructed a “crow’s nest” atop his residence, deputies diverted to a staging area as it was known the subject was home alone.

Contact was made with the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Tac Team as an arrest warrant for the suspect, Roger Spade, and a search warrant for the residence was obtained via Prosecutor Phillip Sawyer, who ultimately hand-delivered the warrants to the scene as cellular service was terrible at the staging area, according to Sheriff Anders.

Shortly after midnight, the Tac Team and crisis negotiator started their operation. Multiple phone calls were made to Mr. Spade, over 30 in one hour, to no avail. Multiple attempts at direct call-outs were made, including the deployment of a robot inside the home, for approximately an hour to no avail when a team member spotted Spade in the crow’s nest.

Contact was made with Spade via phone at this time where the negotiator successfully negotiated the surrender of Spade. He was taken into custody without further incident.

Charges of 2nd Degree Domestic Assault have been filed, and Spade is in custody pending the posting of bond.

Pettis County Jail
Pettis County Jail

“A huge thank you to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for their usual, utmost professionalism and assistance. Thanks to PCAD, Green Ridge Fire, Pettis County Fire, and of course Joint Communications for everything they did to make this go as smooth as it could. And thank you to the Pettis County Deputies for their dedication in seeing this through. We are very blessed here in Pettis County to have such dedicated first responders,” said Pettis County Sheriff Brad Anders.

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