Matthew Moulton was presented with a plaque honoring him as Sedalia's Firefighter of the Year Monday night at the start of a regular Sedalia City Council meeting.

Moulton began his fire service career about 30 months ago in November of 2017.

Sedalia Fire Chief Greg Harrell noted how different this year's presentation was compared to previous years due to the lack of crowd support to witness the plaque presentation.

But COVID-19 changed all that.

The full Council was not present in the Council chambers. Some members were, but other were upstairs and the rest were monitoring from home online.

Many SFD department personnel, as well as friends and family usually attend the event, but COVID prevented a large crowd of any size from gathering in the chambers.

Harrell said he felt like emergency services were not getting the recognition they deserve this year, “but they understand,” the Chief said.

Moulton is currently assigned to C shift, commanded by Battalion Chief Barry White.

Moulton has tested and qualified as a Time & Tittle Driver, is a certified Fire Service Instructor I and is a certified in Tech Rescue, both confined space and high angle, and as required by the SFD is a licensed EMT.

In the short time Moulton has been with the Sedalia Fire Department, he has received two Green Sheets and a Life Save Award.

Green Sheets, named such because of the color of the sheet placed in your files, are department acknowledgment of efforts above and beyond the norm, reflecting on both the individual and the department. They are awarded in front of the entire shift and may be awarded to an individual, a company or the entire shift.

Firefighter Moulton received one Green Sheet along with his entire Engine Company, at an event, working with both children and adults promoting fire safety and exhibiting equipment. His second Green Sheet was for efforts on a medical call, along with his Engine Company again. Both of these Green Sheets were awarded in 2018.

He received a life safety award for actions involving CPR on an eight-month old child who was not breathing upon arrival to the call. His actions, performing CPR and clearing the airway were instrumental in the survival of the child.

"Life Save Awards are not awarded by the SFD except in very special circumstances, Chief Harrell said, as the Fire Service feels it is our duty and therefore not something that normally deserves special recognition."

Firefighter Moulton was awarded the Life Save Award in June of 2019.

Firefighter Moulton is married to his wife Christy. They have two sons, Landon and Jackson.

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