Sometimes it's fun to just type in a word at YouTube and see what comes up. In this case, we did a search for "Missouri" to see what we would find. We found out Missouri is Awesome, the Simpsons have been here, there are mountain lions in the state, and cleaning the Gateway Arch is something that very few of us would be able to do. Check out these fun "Missouri" videos we found.

  • Missouri is Awesome!

    It's unclear what the purpose of this video is, and it's also not clear just how much of this information is accurate, but the video's funny! Missouri is awesome!

  • Bronson, Missouri

    Most of us have been to Branson, but how many of us have been to Bronson, Missouri? The Simpsons made a visit.

  • Mountain Lions

    There are mountain lions in Missouri. Don't believe it? Just watch. The Missouri Department of Conservation says that they have investigated thousands of reports of mountain lions, but usually find very little evidence of the elusive cats.

  • Record Fish

    Another cool video from the Missouri Department of Conservation. This one documents a record-setting paddlefish that was caught in 2015.

  • Cleaning the Arch

    And you thought those guys that wash skyscraper windows had it rough! Here's a job very few of us would be up for. It kind of makes me dizzy just watching it.

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