I guess I'm the kind of person who just appreciates a certain type of entertainment. When Husbando goes to play his weekly card game in Columbia, I end up having limited entertainment options.  If I watch the shows on the DVR without him, there will be pouting. I read sometimes, sure, but most of the time I'm sitting on my butt watching YouTube videos.   And I've noticed I'm developing a pattern in what I watch regularly. Here's my list.

1.  People Trying Things For the First Time. 

I love a video where people try foods for the first time.  I've watched enough of the HiHo channel that I remember the kids' names.

I also like a video where someone tries an experience.

I'll eat that up all day long.

2.  Vine Compilations. 

Vine was an app that shut down a while back. You only had six seconds for your video, and a lot of them turned out very funny.  Some of my favorites were people like Thomas Sanders and David Lopez.

3.  React Videos.

I love people reacting to music, or movie scenes, or whatever.  It doesn't have to be kids, there are some with teens and adults and even seniors.  They're all over YouTube.

4.  Military Homecomings/Pet Reunions. 

How can you not love videos like these?  They get me every time.  Every. Time.

5.  Book Vs Movie Comparisons. 

I like these videos so much, I watch them during my time on the treadmill at the gym.  I seriously love these things so much.  I guess I like getting the details of some of the books I haven't read.

What kind of videos get you to click every time? Do you have  a few that you always watch, no matter what?

Videoingly yours,

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