When I last left you on my last entry about the renovations NJ and I have made to my foyer, we were mostly finished spackling.

Now, good reader, on to part two.  I really thought we might be done after this one, but.... well.  I think anybody who knows how DIY goes knows that making plans is all well and good, but those plans WILL be disrupted.

But, NJ and I were non-deterred.  Onwards we went into the fray of the foyer! He came down on Saturday, we had a nice lunch with my Dad, my Sister and her husband, and then we came back to get stuck in.  We didn't emerge for thirteen hours.  Here's what happened.

Damage It Myself Part Two

So basically, hold for part three, I guess.  Apart from all the dang woodwork I have to do, I have to get some different curtains.  And we also have to finish the ceiling (it's been spackled, not painted).  And I'm sure there will be touch ups as required to the main paint job and accent wall, etc etc.  That's not even touching what will be needed to do for the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, guest bedroom.  And then the outside.  The porch, the deck, the garage, the lawn.... I'm exhausted just typing that out.

So, we're gonna take a break for a couple of weeks.  We're going to Wurstfest this weekend, so stay tuned for that one in a future article (first time I've ever been!). And then there's another weekend where we have to do something at his hometown, so maybe by the second week of April or so we might get to Part Three of our DIY Misadventures.

Pray for me.

Just kidding! Feel free though, to send me some tips or tricks or just experiences you have with DIY. I'd love to commiserate about 'em!

Paintingly yours,


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