Mark the dates on your calendar.  August 11-21 2022.  That will be the Sedalia State Fair and they have announced the theme.

"Buckets Of Fun"

According to their press release, you will be able to start crossing off various items from your State Fair list, and have Buckets of Fun.  This will be my first one and I am very excited about.  How about you?

This will also be Missouri's largest agricultural expo.  The Missouri State Fair was recently recognized for excellence in agriculture education, sponsorship, competitive exhibits and communications by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE).

Among the list of awards includes the following first place wins in the following categories:

  • Single-sided, flat promotional advertising
  • Agriculture exhibitor events, awards, participation incentives or retention programs
  • Procedure developed by Fair management to correct an issue or challenge related to an agricultural program
  • Program designed to educate consumers/fairgoing public of a current agriculture or fair industry challenge
  • Ag photo – equine
  • Ag photo – ag education
  • Ag photo – miscellaneous
  • Any other ag program/exhibit

If you want more info you can go to

I have never been to the Missouri State Fair.  My colleagues have been talking about how much fun it is, the amazing amount of people that come from all over the state.  I am looking forward to the amazing list of artists of all genre's of music that will be there.  I heard Boys II Men played last year, as did the Beach Boys and Frankie Ballard.  You can count on KIX 105.7 and Awesome 92.3 FM to be there every day. Broadcasting, doing giveaways, etc.  It should be a lot of fun, and lets pray for no rain!

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