Thrillist recently ranked all fifty states by their beer. And if Thrillist's rankings are to be believed, Missouri has a strong beer game.

I wasn't sure where I expected Missouri to rank. Until I found myself in Sedalia I hadn't really thought of Missouri and made the association with craft beers. Not that I'm a huge beer guy anyway or am any better at rattling off area craft beers today than I was back in town for the first time. But yeah, I know a couple of folks here that can tell me what bars to go to and will tell me what craft beers they've recently enjoyed. So I have that going for me.

That said, I have enjoyed a couple of Missouri's beers long before I wound up living here. The Thrillist blurb on Missouri calls Boulevard and Schlafly "genuine heroes" in the craft beer world. I enjoyed a couple of large Schlafly Beers killing time late on a Sunday Morning waiting for my flight at Lambert International. And I went through a phase while living in Texas where I was picking up six packs of Boulevard from the beer store every couple of weeks.

The Thrillist article also mentions Perennial Artisan for it's "small batch Euro-inspired fare. Alpha's sour tasting brews. And Perennial Artisan's offshoot Side Project. Budweiser also gets mentioned. I mean you can't mention Missouri without Budweiser right? "Together, these brewers have taken a mass-produced legacy and built around it a genuinely great craft scene, making an already boozy state boozier..."

So where does Missouri rank on Thrillist's list? #13. Right after Florida, and right before New York. California ranked #1 on the list because of the number of breweries in the state. Great beer cities in San Diego and San Francisco and the quality of the beer being produced. At #50 Mississippi, which just legalized home brewing in 2013, so Thrillist expects it'll take awhile for them to start moving down the charts. Finally, Kansas and it's, according to Thrillist, "tame brewing scene" punches in at #47.

Now that I've wrapped up talking about beers, I think I need to go find a place that'll serve me a Schlafly Coconut Cream Ale. That sounds delicious and it's 5 O'Clock somewhere.

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