Three blocks of North Quincy Avenue were rebuilt Monday by Sedalia Street Crews and Mayor Dawson was quite pleased with what he witnessed.

“We're re-building some roads. (This project) got bumped up the list. We had base failure, to where we were getting eight- and nine-inch ruts in the road in the asphalt. So they dug out all those spots and put new rock base in, and then milled off the top two inches. Then they come back with a fortified asphalt that is just as strong as cement,” Mayor Andrew Dawson told KSIS Monday morning.

Work actually began last Friday on the project, and was expected to be completed this week.

And the City's new street sweeper, Ravo 5i and its driver, Mr. Jeff Paxton, and a couple of other workers, were busy sucking up the old millings at Cooper and Quincy.

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Public Works Operations Manager Justin Bray explained that there were some pretty significant base failures in that three-block stretch, so it was decided to put the Quincy resurfacing project at the top of the list.

Bray had 15 crew members on scene, all working together to get the project done. “I'm hoping to get all this done by this week, for sure,” he said.

Bray added that he was very happy with the new "Forta-Fi" fiber asphalt, which has a one-to-one ratio with concrete at a certain thickness. “So it meets and beats MoDOT's expectations and standards. This is the first big project with the new material, we've done some small projects, some small base failures in test areas, more or less, and we've loved it. It's some good stuff,” Bray told KSIS.

According to, FORTA-FI® is a high tensile strength synthetic fiber blend formulated to reinforce asphalt mixes in both new construction or rehab projects.

Residents were coming and going during the roadwork, parking on adjoining side streets until the project was finished.

On Wednesday, Mayor Dawson said he got a chance to drive on the new section, and it is much quieter and smoother than it was previously.

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