The Mid-Missouri Outlaws traveled to Tulsa, Okla. to take on the Oklahoma Defenders.  The Outlaws came within 1:30 of victory, before the Defenders mounted a drive to win the game with a score of 36-34.

Both the Outlaws and Defenders started the game with a new starting quarterback since  Outlaws quarterback Kyle Middleton announced his retirement and the Defenders Rico Watkins was no longer with the team. The Defenders started Jarvis Pitts and ended up using Steve Hamilton and David Bowie through the game, while the Outlaws started Kyle Christian and stood with him through the game.

The Defenders struck first with 10:45 left in the 1st quarter, as their leading rusher Kingjack Washington scored on a one-yard touchdown after the Outlaws stopped him three times in a row before he finally scored. The Outlaws couldn't get anything going on their first drive, but the defense and special teams came up big. The Defenders tried a long field goal and it was caught at the 5-yard line by Gregory Brooks of the Outlaws, who handed it to Jajwan Shields, who ran the ball back 45-yards for a touchdown. The extra point attempt was no good, bringing the score to 7-6. The Defenders responded with a 22-yard run by Washington to take a 13-6 lead going into the second quarter.

The Outlaws dominated the second quarter as Christian got used to running the offense and he found Brandon Williams for two touchdowns. The defense allowed only one touchdown, and the score was 20-20 going into the half.

The Defenders dominated the 3rd quarter by scoring 10 unanswered points and led 30-20 going into the 4th quarter.

The Outlaws defense came up big with some interceptions and errant snaps by the Defenders. The Outlaws closed the gap with a touchdown and two point conversion with 6:18 left to go and on the Defenders next drive, the center snapped the ball and it rolled into the end zone with 5:26 left to go. Jeff Clancy pounced on the ball, and there was a pile up before the refs finally signaled touchdown Outlaws.  The two point conversion was no good and the Outlaws led 34-30.  Neither the Outlaws or Defenders could get anything going and with about a minute left the Defenders took possession of the ball one last time and drove down the field and scored. The extra point was no good.

On the ensuing kickoff the Outlaws took over at the 5-yard line and had time to move down the field. The Outlaws' Derek Doerfler attempted a 40-yard field goal as time was about to expire and it missed just to the right.

Coach Jason Pallo was pleased with how Christian did during the game and feels with some more reps that he will continue improving.  Pallo hopes to get the win versus the Kansas City Renegades this Saturday in front of the home crowd.  The Renegades and Outlaws will play this Saturday, April 20 at 7:05 p.m.

The CPIFL did have a lot of close games this weekend.  The Renegades won 56-28 over the Kansas Koyotes; Wichita Wild beat the Bloomington Edge 49-35; Sioux City Bands beat the Salina Bombers 46-43 and the Omaha Beef beat the Lincoln Haymakers 55-49.