Thanksgiving is here and that means you may be having more family and friends over in the next week or maybe you're doing some traveling. Keep in mind no matter what you do, if you have a pet or if you go over to someone's home that you're going to need to be mindful of dogs, cats, birds and many other pets.  Here is some sound advice from the Humane Society of Missouri about Pet Safety Tips for Thanksgiving.

Humane Society of Missouri OffersPet Safety Tips For Thanksgiving

Pets are part of our family, so it is natural for pet owners to want to include their dog or cat in the Thanksgiving festivities. But many pet owners don’t know the harm this can potentially cause to their pet’s digestive tract. Even certain human foods fed in very small amounts can cause stomach upset in your pet. This Thanksgiving it is important to show your love for your pet by keeping them safe and away from dangerous foods.

Avoid feeding your pet anything they are not used to eating. Just because your pet regularly enjoys a certain item from one food group, does not mean they can eat everything else from that same group. For instance, even if your pet is accustomed to eating chicken, turkey could still make them sick.

Poultry and ham bones can be harmful to dogs. Chicken and turkey bones are hollow and shatter easily, causing little shards to possibly get caught in your pet’s throat.  Ham bones usually have a lot of salt on them which could cause stomach upset in your dog or cat.

Fat drippings from your turkey pan are too much for your pet to handle. Do not pour this over their usual pet food as an added treat.

Pumpkin is a natural stool softener for dogs and cats, and can cause diarrhea.

Inform your guests of the rules when they arrive so they aren’t trying to get on your pet’s good side through food. Instead, have them hand your pet one of their usual treats to help them get acquainted.

Make sure to secure your garbage when the meal is finished so your pet doesn’t gobble up all of those leftovers while you are enjoying your after-dinner coffee.

You can still keep the holidays festive for your pet!  Serve their usual food in a special holiday dish or buy seasonal dog treats or toys for your pet at one of the three Humane Society of Missouri Gift Shops.  Call 314-951-1566 for locations.

Another piece of sound advice if you have someone watching your pets, while you're out of town, be sure to list your Vet and emergency contact in case something happens to your cherished pet. I

hope you found these tips useful and that you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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