In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of days, Pettis County is in for some snow this week. According to the Pettis County Emergency Management Agency, we're looking at 4-6 inches on Tuesday (Feb. 3) with winds up to 30 mph and poor visibility. And you know what? Everything is going to be fine.

I can't believe how freaked out people are over the forecast this week. This is Missouri weather! It happens every winter, so why are people so worried? Isn't everyone used to this by now?

First of all, we've had severe weather forecasts that turned out to be nothing more than a light dusting of snow. Don't get me wrong, I'm no meteorologist, but the forecast is always subject to change, so I think it's a bit silly to be worried about a snowpocalypse this week. If the storm takes a turn to the north, we're looking at some pretty mild winter weather for the week.

Secondly, I think the media (ourselves included) has a tendency to sensationalize winter weather, making it sound worse than it actually is. Nothing makes me more angry than seeing headlines like "Snow Hits Sedalia" or "Winter Weather Slows Down Traffic." No kidding? Do we really need news to tell us that? The weather sucks, we know. "Send Us Photos of the Snow," because we've never seen snow before.

Last weekend, Sedalia was "iced in" according to some reports, the city paralyzed by sheets of ice covering the entire area. You know what I did last weekend? I went out to the Cabin Fever Sports Show on Saturday morning (along with hundreds of other people), took my wife out to dinner Saturday evening and rode out of town to a friend's house for a Super Bowl party on Sunday. I had zero issues on the road. It blows my mind how many events were cancelled over the weekend when a little ice had very little effect on my weekend plans. I think media played much more of a factor in screwing up weekend plans than the weather did.

Finally, if we do, in fact, get 4-6 inches of snow this week, deal with it! Salt your sidewalks, shovel your driveway, and go on about your day. Have people forgotten how to drive in the snow? It's not rocket science: drive slow, don't slam on your brakes and keep the gear you need to get yourself unstuck in the trunk of your car. If you can't drive in the snow, don't go out and just stay out of the way. You probably shouldn't have a Missouri driver's license in the first place.

I lived in Montana for two years, where if it snowed, road crews sprinkled some gravel on the road and said, "Good luck." Schools weren't closed, events went on as scheduled and people made their way around town.

Missourians need to stop being such wusses about the snow this winter and quit bending at the whim of every unsightly weather report. Be smart, and of course, be safe, but consider toughening up a bit and dealing with this weather instead of succumbing to it.

Who's with me? Let me know if I'm right or if I'm completely crazy in the comments.

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