This article is compiled from reports issued by the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.

As previously reported, on the night of August 31st, a Deputy from the Pettis County Sheriff's Department met with a Warrensburg Police Officer at the Pettis and Johnson County line. Deputies took custody of Stewart Kimbrell, 49, of Sedalia. Kimbrell was transported to the Pettis County Jail to be held on 10 different warrants. Three Failure to Appear warrants were out of Pettis County. Two were for Possession of a Controlled Substance ($7500 cash or surety bond) one for Speeding (Over 11-15 MPH, $60 cash only bond). Three were Sedalia Municipal Failure to Appear warrants for Property Damage, Littering, and Trespassing ($60 cash only bond each). One warrant was out of Stewart County for Larceny (Parts from a Motor Vehicle, no bond). One Failure to Appear warrant was from the Laurie Police Department for Stealing ($100 cash only bond). Kimbrell also had a Probation Violation warrant from Henry County for Possession of a Controlled Substance ($10,000 cash or surety bond).

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Wednesday afternoon, Deputies with the Pettis County Sheriff's Officer took an assault report. The assault happened in Green Ridge, between the morning of August 26th and the afternoon of August 31st.

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