'The Princess Bride' is known for many famous lines, perhaps the most famous of which is the classic, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." It's quoted and repeated and even reprinted on t-shirts. But you might not want to wear your Inigo Montoya shirt on your next airplane flight lest you wind up like poor Wynand Mullins whose 'Princess Bride' t-shirt was deemed a security risk. Inconceivable!

Stuff reports that Mr. Mullins was recently flying Qantas Airways to New Zealand when he was wearing the t-shirt you see above with a "Hello My Name Is" sticker followed by the classic 'Princess Bride' quote. Apparently some fellow flyers weren't big 'Princess Bride' fans, saw the line "Prepare to die" and alerted security.

A flight attendant approached Mullins before the flight took off and informed him that other passengers were intimidated and that he would need to remove the t-shirt. He didn't have another shirt handy and told airplane staff that he would not be able to remove the shirt. Eventually the flight took off and Mullins was able to stay on the flight but he says he was monitored for the remainder of the flight by the plane's staff.

Qantas says they have no formal record of the incident but they claim that matters handled on the plane are usually not reported.

So let that be a lesson to you: no more cheeky t-shirts when you're flying (or at least pack a backup). Or maybe, just maybe, we all need to lighten up a bit while we're flying and not overreact to a guy wearing a 'Princess Bride' shirt.

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