The Missouri State Fair is coming up quickly - it seems like it's going to be just hours away.  And yeah, I'm sure you're going to check it out for the music, the competitions, the exhibits, the food, and all that.  But make sure you check out all the people working there - you'll be surprised! The Missouri State Fair is only ten days.  Yet, SO MANY people schedule their whole year around it.  Not just people who compete or come to camp or anything like that - people who come there to work!

There are some people who plan their vacations so that they can work the fair.   Also, you'll see a lot of Sedalia Police Department officers working there on golf carts or in Security.   And SO MANY TEACHERS.  If you went to school in Sedalia or in the surrounding area, you'll see at least ten of your old teachers working on the Fairgrounds.  Some of them have been doing it for decades! In fact, back when I was a kid and applying to work at the Fair, if you didn't know a teacher or SOMEBODY, you might not even get a shot at a job.

These days, pretty much everybody could use some extra work.  And some of us would settle for ANY work at all.  If you're looking, it's probably too late to try to apply to the Fair. has a list of weird side jobs that anyone can do.  And sometimes, they pay pretty good money.

1.  Golf Course Bird Remover.  Golf courses actually pay people to keep geese off the greens, for reasons that SHOULD be obvious.  You can make good money working for a goose control company, or setting up your own.

2.  Jewelry maker.  This takes some creativity.  But lots of people make jewelry in their spare time and sell it for huge profits.  You don't need gemstones if you have something unique.  These days, people are wearing real bugs as jewelry.

3.  Virtual real estate speculator.  You can play video games and sell virtual properties to hardcore players, for real-world money.  Some people make a LIVING selling things they found or created, in games like Second Life and World of Warcraft.

4.  Pet Chauffeur.  Pet owners are now paying people to take their dogs to the vet or to obedience school or whatever.  Having a vehicle and a driver's license are the only requirements.  You can provide pet carriers if you want to go the extra mile.

So there you have it.    Whether you work there, compete there, or visit there, the Missouri State Fair is ready for you.

I just have the one job,


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