Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Economic Development Sedalia-Pettis County (EDSPC) announced on Tuesday that Printlynx is expanding and doing business as Jostens in the Thompson Meadows Industrial Park (TMIP).

The expansion will add 20 new jobs (with an average salary of $40,000) to a business that has been producing quality yearbooks for over 35 years.

Gov. Parson had the honor of making the announcement before a crowd of Printlynx employees, city, county and state officials, and the EDSPC executive board. “The fact is, Sedalia has developed into one of the most successful manufacturing and service towns in the state of Missouri, which is always something,” Parson said.

The 75,000-square-foot Jostens expansion will cost $1.8 million and is housed in a Ditzfeld Transfer building just west of Curry Drive. Printlynx, a commercial printing operation, is currently located at 3131 W. Main.

“My hat's off to you guys for being good employees, or you wouldn't be here,” he told the employees gathered for the announcement.

The expansion will house the entire small book division, Parson noted, and will double Josten's manufacturing output.

The governor credited Missouri Works incentives in making the Printlynx expansion possible. He also announced a new program, Best in the Midwest. “We're going to reform the department of economic development and we're going to make Missouri the best state in the Midwest to do business, which is going to benefit all of you here today,” Parson said.

EDSPC Executive Director Jessica Craig commented on the expansion following the announcement:

“For Jostens and Printlynx to be expanding here in the community, not only are we adding 20 new jobs and capital investment, we also have the opportunity to retain 60 employees that Printlynx employs, plus the seasonal employees they have. So what a great affirmation of a community we have when a company here continues to reinvest in our community, Craig said.

“I’m truly grateful for this opportunity. Jostens’ decision to expand operations in Sedalia is a testament not only to the hard work and dedication of our employees, but to the strength of the Sedalia community,” said Plant Manager Heather Cantrell.

“We’re extremely grateful and excited to see a local employer like Jostens choose to invest in our community,” Mayor Pro Tem Don Meier said. “We look forward to the continued growth of this facility and what that means for the citizens of Sedalia.”

Pettis County Presiding Commissioner David Dick introduced Jostens CEO Chuck Moody, who said this is a great moment to celebrate.

"More than anything, the reason we're investing and committing here is because of the people. And it's the people that make an organization great," Moody said. "This is the most devoted group that you could ever ask to be a part of. And I just want to say thank you to all of our employees here, thank you to the community members that are here, and thank you to all the representatives that are here to support this important initiative."

The event concluded with a bill-signing ceremony, which reauthorized the Missouri Works program, which allows for tax credits to employers who create new jobs. Jostens will be eligible for the incentive once the new jobs become a reality.


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