As we've been talking about for a while, local author Angela Roquet put out a new book for young adults called "Crazy Ex Ghoulfriend." She and her group organized a big party for the teenagers of our area, complete with karaoke, music, snacks, prizes and contests. It was at the Convention Hall on Saturday (Oct. 19) and I went to check it out.We got there pretty early, and most of the contests hadn't started yet.  But, we did see a lot of great costumes and fun that was ready to be had.  Even our Sedalia Mayor, Elaine Horne, was there to judge the contests.

It was pretty rad, and the real fun hadn't even begun yet.  Here's a look at what was happening!

They were working for a great cause, to raise some money for the Sedalia Public Library. So make sure you make your way to Reader's World and get your copy of the book. If you want to learn more, or if you want to pick up any of Angela's other books, go to her website.

Zombily yours,