Each Friday when new movies come out, many Sedalians head out to see the latest movie. This weekend, going to the Galaxy Cinema will be different. The manager of Galaxy Cinema, Seth Wagenknecht, has passed away after a two year battle with cancer.

I have known Seth for a long time as many probably knew him; through the Sedalia movie theater. I loved to talk with him as I would wait in line until the "now seating" sign would flash for the latest movie I wanted to see. He would always tell me the basics to the movie and whether he liked it or not, usually with some popcorn nearby. Then after the movie, he'd ask how I liked it.

Seth was a hands on manager. Sometimes I would go to the movies and he'd be taking money for tickets. I always felt the ticket-taker was the person that was enchanting you to put your troubles away at the door and would take you to faraway places when you sat at your seat. Sometimes, I would razz him about not taking credit or debit cards, but I always had my cash and he would laugh about how one day he would install it for the movie goers. Other times, I would see him taking tickets or training new employees on the concession stand. I always thought the popcorn tasted better at movie theater. He always had a smile, especially for the kids.

If he wasn't behind the ticket office or concession stand, than you may see him cleaning up after a movie or going back and forth to the projection offices. Seth could tell you so much about the switch from the old film to the digital transition.

Perhaps, my favorite memory of Seth is when my brother Matt went and camped out in line before the midnight showing of Star Wars. Midnight showings were a rarity then, but he had a great time with the guys in line. My brother, saw many midnight showings and Seth would always ask me how Matt is doing and how he helped set the trend for camping out in line for those midnight showings.

I think there is a lot I probably didn't know about Seth personally from the obit that I read. He truly sounds like he lived life to the fullest.

I hope that if you go to the movies this weekend, that you think of all the good times at the theater. I shall miss seeing him there, but I know from the stadium seating that he helped bring in to the sound system and digital and 3D movies, he will always have his mark on Sedalia.

My thoughts are with Seth's family, and I hope everyone takes some time and thinks of Seth when they go to the movies.