For only the third time since the resumption of the program, there will be a new leader in charge of the State Fair Community College (SFCC) men’s soccer team.

Head Coach Michael Poropat and his team have been busy preparing to open the 2023 season.

“Practices have been okay so far,” said Poropat. “We are continuing to work through processes of getting into shape.”

Coach Poropat has a clear idea of what he expects to see from his team this season.

“We want our team to be very disciplined in the way that we handle ourselves both on and off the field,” said Poropat. “I want players who will stick to the game plan that we have for each game and who will do what is best for the team.”

Coach Poropat believes that leadership from this year’s team will come from a variety of places.

“We have several returners who have shown a willingness to accept more responsibility and the burdens that comes with that.”

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The Roadrunners have clear goals for the season.

“Our first goal is to have a 3.0 team grade point average,” said Poropat. “I want our team to get excellent reports from our administration, their teachers, professional staff, among others. Lastly, we want to win trophies.”

Coach Poropat sees two keys to accomplishing those goals and having a successful first campaign.

“Our players have to buy into the fact, that if winning was easy everyone would do it,” said Poropat. “They also have to accept that discipline and hard work are not easy, but you don’t get results without those two things.”

-- David Rohrback, SFCC Athletics

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