When I moved to town, one of the first thing I learned was that I had to have a Guberburger from the Wheel Inn Drive In. It's a grilled steakburger topped with peanut butter and a Sedalia tradition.

Doug and I had actually been planning on going to the Wheel Inn all week. We were going to go for lunch Thursday, but we ended up getting super busy at work. Finally, after missing lunch, at almost 4:00 p.m. we decided we couldn't wait any longer and walked out the door and down the road for some Guberburgers.

The Wheel Inn is a really cool place. I like the '60s look and feel of it, really love the big U-shaped bar in the middle, and I also like that they had a pinball and Pacman machine.  I thought all the Mr. Peanut stuff was a nice touch as well. We sat at the head of the bar, and I ordered a Double Meat Guberburger and curly fries, fried pickles and a peanut butter shake.

I'd heard mixed things about the Guberburger. Some people loved it. Some people thought it was overrated and nothing to write home about. Well, I thought it was great! The peanut butter taste is hard to describe, it's really not super strong in my opinion, I was pretty impressed with the overall quality of the steakburger itself though. As Doug says, "It tastes like a burger with peanut butter on it. But if you tried to make it yourself at home, it wouldn't turn out this good." The peanut butter shake and fried pickles were outstanding, I can honestly say some of the best I've ever had. Plus the service was relaxed, friendly, and really fast.

I had a great experience at the Wheel Inn and I'm sure I'll be there a lot. Now that I've had my first Guberburger, I'm a true Sedalia resident!

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