The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team placed first in the large school division at the Cole Camp Math Relays on Feb. 29.

Smith-Cotton’s top finishers:

Freshman Team (Bailey Brown and Grace Miley): First place

Sophomore Team (Azidro Mather, Michael Castiglia, Gabriel Sokolowski, and Jessi Sparks): Second place

Junior Team (Andrew Matz, Alexis Spencer, Natalie Adermann and Tyler Soendker): First place

Senior Team (Reagen Mullins, Hunter Sparks and Jacob Acklin): Third place

Mixed Team (Alisa Sonnik, Michael Cho, and Luis Resendiz): First place

Word Problems 9: Bailey Brown, second place; Grace Miley, third place

Word Problems 10: Gabriel Sokolowski, first place; Jessi Sparks, second place; Alisa Sonnik, third place; Michael Castiglia, fourth place

Word Problems 11: Andrew Matz, second place; Michael Cho, fourth place; Azidro Mather, sixth place; Natalie Adermann, eighth place

Word Problems 12: Tyler Soendker, first place; Luis Resendiz, second place; Alexis Spencer, fifth place

Calculus: Jacob Acklin, senior, third place; Hunter Sparks, senior, fourth place; Reagen Mullins, senior, sixth place

Algebra 9: Bailey Brown, second place; Grace Miley, sixth place

Algebra 10: Alisa Sonnik, second place; Gabriel Sokolowski, third place; Azidro Mather, fifth place; Michael Castiglia, eighth place

Algebra 11: Andrew Matz, second place; Michael Cho, third place; Jessi Sparks, fifth place; Tyler Soendker, sixth place

Algebra 12: Hunter Sparks, third place; Natalie Adermann, sixth place; and Reagen Mullins, seventh place

Algebra (Open): Luis Resendiz, senior, third place; Jacob Acklin, senior, fourth place; Alexis Spencer, junior, sixth place

Geometry 9: Grace Miley, sixth place; Bailey Brown, seventh place

Geometry 10: Alisa Sonnik, first place; Jessi Sparks, second place; Gabriel Sokolowski, fifth place; Michael Castiglia, 10th place

Analytical Geometry: Andrew Matz, junior, first place; Alexis Spencer, junior, fourth place

Trigonometry: Luis Resendiz, senior, first place; Hunter Sparks, senior, second place; Jacob Acklin, fourth place; Michael Cho, junior, fifth place

Probability & Statistics: Reagen Mullins, senior, fifth place; Azidro Mather, sophomore, eighth place; Natalie Adermann, junior, ninth place

Hodge Podge: Jacob Acklin, senior, first place; Michael Castiglia (Sophomore)- Fourth place

Random Science: Andrew Matz, junior, first place; Michael Cho, junior, fourth place; Hunter Sparks, senior, sixth place

Random History: Reagen Mullins, senior, second place; Gabriel Sokolowski, sophomore, third place; Tyler Soendker, junior, fifth place

Mental Math (9-10): Alisa Sonnik, sophomore, first place; Bailey Brown, freshman, second place; Grace Miley, freshman, third place; Jessi Sparks, sophomore, fifth place

Mental Math (11-12): Luis Resendiz, senior, second place; Alexis Spencer, junior, fourth place; Natalie Adermann, junior, sixth place

Top Freshman: Bailey Brown, third place

Top Sophomore: Alisa Sonnik, first place; Gabriel Sokolowski, second place; Jessi Sparks, third place

Top Junior: Andrew Matz, first place

Top Senior: Luis Resendiz, first place

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