The Sacred Heart High School Math Team took first place for the 10th year in a row at the Kaysinger Conference Math contest held March 6 at State Fair Community College.


Top students:

Top Senior: Sadie Rollings

2nd Top Junior: Brian Oster

5th Top Junior: Andy Bautista

3rd Top Sophomore: Joseph Henke

3rd Top Freshman: Megan Wingerter

5th Top Freshman: Kelsey Hudson


Team Highlights:

SHS Medley Team took 1st

SHS Senior Team took 1st

SHS Junior Team took 4th

SHS Sophomore Team took 2nd

SHS Freshman Team took 2nd


Students earning individual awards were:

Sadie Rollings, Tucker Nicholson, Tanner Ellis, Brian Oster, Brian Sierra, Bryan Schlotterbeck, Andy Bautista, Joseph Henke, Cody Damlo, Maria Mergen, Megan Wingerter, Kaleb Woolery, Kelsey Hudson, Jaxon Beeler, and Amelia Schott.


Top three schools:

1.   Sacred Heart

2.   Cole Camp

3.   Smithton

The team is co-coached by SHS faculty members Richard Bahner and Elyse Koutas.

"This math contest was an amazing experience to be a part of," said Koutas. "The passion and enthusiasm of the students who participated made the day exciting for us all. It is great to be around students who enjoy math and we hope to keep the excitement alive for years to come."

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