The Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri is hosting a new fundraiser as part of “No Shave November," with a slight twist.

The new fundraiser, Save The Beard December, has invited four Boys & Girls Club supporters – Tim Barnes, Sam Ditzfeld, Justin Hubbs, and Bob Wooldridge – to raise $2,500 each by the end of the November. The only catch is if they don’t raise the money, they’ll have to shave their beloved beards.

BGC Kids
BGC Kids

“I think our ‘beard-testants’ are all fairly well-known for having facial hair. I know for a few of them their young children have never seen them without a beard, so it gives them a little more incentive to raise the money,” said Communications Director Emily Jarrett.

A press release from BGC,  says the event was created by Boys & Girls Club Board Member Trish Henson. “Save The Beard” is intended to be a light and fun new way to raise money for Club operations, Jarrett added.

“Sedalia has never seen a fundraiser like this, which is mostly taking place on social media,” she said. “Trish was looking for a new way to raise money and awareness for the Club that encouraged people to reach out to their friends and family to give a little for a great cause. I think we’re all excited to see how well our ‘beard-testants’ do and who will raise the money first.”

The Club says that Save The Beard will culminate with a celebration on December 1, at 4:00 p.m. at Buffalo Wild Wings where the totals will be revealed.

Those who do not raise $2,500, will have their beards shaved at a later date.

To donate to Save The Beard, visit For more information, call 826-8331.

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