Of course I get spam emails. I get them every day, I'm sure you do, too. 

Most of the time they're "collaborators" who want to "write an article" for or with me for the websites.  No thanks, my dudes.  You're not going to trick me into clicking your link. If I don't know you, no clicky.  Especially with work stuff.  But this one, I have to admit, was a little more sophisticated than the normal ones I get.


Good day,

We received notice of negligent acts and your failure to comply with CPE and CPD requirements, and as such, we are determined to issue disciplinary action against you, inclusive of a fine. Still, before embarking on such activity, we need you to appeal the reports in the brief document attached.

Warm Regards,

Melanie Alvarado, CPA, CGMA
Vice Chairman, Federal Institute of CPAs

First of all, I'm not buying it because I know what a CPA is - a Certified Public Accountant. And I ain't one. I don't even do my own taxes, Husbando does them.  I looked up what CPE and CPD requirements are on the Googles. Basically what I gathered from it were that accountants have to keep up on their education on different rules so they can do their jobs properly.

I don't know if they really do face a fine for not keeping up with those requirements, but you know that's how this scammer is trying to get me to click said attachment.  They want me to be afraid of paying a fine for something. They're using acronyms they assume most people don't understand to scare them. But not me!

I even took a second to look up Melanie.  There is a real Melanie Alvarado, and she's an accountant, alright. But she's with H&R Block in California, not the Vice Chairman of anything.  So poor Melanie's getting her name associated with scammers.

Well too bad, scammer, today ain't your day.  If you see this scam out there, don't click the link! They're trying to get your information from you, don't give it!

Scammily yours,


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