There are a fair amount of things that are on my bucket list.  Skydiving is one of them, check out the Grand Canyon, play the Main Event at the World Series Of Poker.  Another item is to go scuba diving.  I had a cousin who was certified as an instructor in scuba diving and one time he went and had sharks swimming right above his head.  He has the pictures to prove it.  I have always been a decent swimmer, and I do not scare easily.  It looks like a whole lot of fun.  I have been considering a trip to Branson Missouri as well, and it looks like I may be able to kill two birds with one stone. Let me tell you about Indian Point Dive Center.

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This dive center is located on Table Rock Lake in Branson Missouri.  I have yet to venture to this location, but it seems like there is a fair amount of options if you are someone who has never been scuba diving (like myself) or if you are an experienced one.  There are lessons offered for beginners so you can get your certification and be a safe diver.  There are dive tours, of one tank or two that are available if you already have your certification.

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There appears to be a fair amount of bass fish that are in the lake, and you may be able to see them up pretty close.  If you want to learn more about this you can click HERE.  I am sure this is not a cheap place, but I also suspect the memories that you will have if you are able to participate will be priceless.  You can click HERE for a link to the Indian Point Dive Center's Facebook page.

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