On Sept. 1 at approximately 10:30 a.m., members of the Sedalia Police Department Criminal Investigations Bureau, Crime Resolution Unit, the Detective Sergeant from the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office and deputies from the Cooper County Sheriff’s Office conducted two search warrants in reference to an ongoing investigation into the theft of catalytic converters in the greater Sedalia area.

A search warrant was served at 508 W. Main Street, a business allegedly purchasing catalytic converters to be recycled. During the search investigators found cutoff catalytic converters, the catalyst which had been removed from the catalytic converters, cash, and records. A search warrant was also served at 5162 Highway 135, Otterville, west of Clifton City. Investigators found cutoff catalytic converters stored outside and in a barn.

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The investigation is ongoing but was a cooperative effort between law enforcement, the Pettis and Cooper County Prosecuting Attorneys, and the public providing valuable information to help with the investigation.

A total of 107 cutoff catalytic converters were located at the two locations and seized by investigators. A typical catalytic converter is designed to last the life of the vehicle and it is unusual for the part to need to be replaced.

A special thanks to the Pettis and Cooper County Sheriff’s Office for assistance with this investigation.

In addition to the arrest and state charges, the business at 508 W. Main St. was determined to be in violation of Sedalia City Ordinance 36-96, Prohibition Against Maintaining a Nuisance Property.

The business was posted with the notice of the violation, mandating the property owner to resolve the violations within 60 days.

Arrested were 48-year-old Robert G. Roland, age 48 of Otterville and 34-year-old Crystal Y. Roland, both of Otterville.

Both are being held at the Pettis County Jail on a 24 hour hold pending the filing of state charges for Felony Stealing and Failure to Keep Required Records and Registers of Purchase, according to a press released issued Wednesday afternoon by the SPD.

Pettis County Jail
Pettis County Jail
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