According to a press release from the Sedalia 200 School District, the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) scores have been posted by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Sedalia School District 200 students performed at or above the state scores in three of the four testing areas. Some important points to note about this year’s test:

  • The 2016 grade-level exams in math and English language arts (ELA) were completely new tests with new test items and new cut scores (i.e. below basic, basic, proficient and advanced).
  • The results for the math and English grade-level exams CANNOT be compared with previous years’ results.

Here is how Sedalia 200 students compare with students across Missouri, using MAP Index Scores, which take into account students in all four achievement categories (advanced, proficient, basic and below basic):

  • MATH: Sedalia 200 (335.6) was 8.7 points above the state MPI (326.9)
  • ENGLISH: Sedalia 200 (349) was at the same level as the state MPI (349)
  • SCIENCE: Sedalia 200 (351.4) was 9.5 points above the state MPI (341.9)
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Sedalia 200 (350.5) was 9.5 points below the state MPI (360)

Superintendent Brad Pollitt was pleased with the scores and praised the district’s students and teachers for their efforts to improve.

“These MAP scores are a great indicator of the positive direction of education in the Sedalia 200 district,” Pollitt said. “Test scores alone are not an adequate measure of success, but we have seen students, staff members and the district as a whole make great strides in attendance, academic progress and activity performance. I just want to thank our students and staff for their dedication to improve each day. We saw increases across the board in these MAP scores, but we know there is still work to be done. We will continue to raise the bar to best prepare our students for a lifetime of success.”