Under Finance and Administration, Sedalia City Council Council on Monday night adopted personnel regulations and policies relating to conflicts of interest, vacations, volunteer time off and sick leave.

Under Community Development, Council adopted 2021 International Building Codes for the City to implement.

The vote was seven yes, one no, with First Ward Councilman Tom Oldham casting the lone no vote from home online.

Councilman Oldham explained his no vote in a Facebook post Tuesday morning.

“I have had the opportunity to sit down with several citizens in our community. Many have expressed a deep love for our community and appreciate that, in many aspects, our city has improved. Those who I have spoken to include: many property owners, business owners, developers, and community influencers. However, those I’ve spoken to have also expressed a concern that while we have had improvement, this may be in spite of us and not because of us.

“We have an amazing staff, improved our code, gave our staff tools, and have created a standard that development in our community can adhere to. We have, however, moved towards using our tools as sticks and not carrots. Instead of having a "How can we?" mentality, our first answers have been "No, don't, can't, and won't."
At this time, I could not vote yes on adopting additional code to city, we must first work on our processes, procedures, and customer service.

“By adding and putting into work "Blue Beam,” we will speed the process up. By touching a permit/blueprint once, developers will not have to stop and repeat the same steps, and by officers directing residents where to find help instead of dictating, we can see neighborhood revitalization.

“I believe we could have voted these codes into place after we have fixed our issues,” he said.

Code books are updated every three years. Before adopting the 2021 Codes, Sedalia was using the 2015 Codes, it was noted. Several modifications were recommended on Feb. 21 for the 2021 Codes the City will be using.

Council then approved annexing an unincorporated area owned by Liahona West, LLC, into the City.

A Paul Bruhn grant sub-recipient agreement with CSC Property Holdings LLC, was then amended for 322 South Ohio (Sedalia Trust Building).

Under Public Works, Council approved the purchase of a portable diesel pump for the North Wastewater Treatment Plant from FTC Equipment at a cost of $52,546.12. The vote from then on for the rest of the 70-minute meeting, was seven yes, one absent, after Councilman Oldham left the “Go To Meeting” and was considered absent by City Clerk Jason Myers.

The pump will move the excess sludge properly, it was noted.

A preliminary design build agreement with Burns and McDonnell, an architecture and engineering firm based in Kansas City, for work on the North and Central Wastewater Treatment Plants at a cost of $572,851, was approved by Council.

Council then approved a paving agreement with Sedalia School District 200 for several projects.

An amendment for the Prairie Hollow Water and Sewer Main Extension was approved to pay Burns and McDonnell $77,492 for a task order.

A budget increase of $179,380 was approved by Council to pay Grinder Crusher Screen, Inc., for a trommel screen for the compost facility.

According to Wikipedia, a trommel screen, also known as a rotary screen, is a mechanical screening machine used to separate materials, mainly in the mineral and solid-waste processing industries.

Council then approved the purchase of a 2024 Dodge Ram 5500 from W-K Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Sedalia for the Water Department at a cost of $83,310.

According to Councilman Bob Hiller, the two-ton truck is badly needed and is also $16,000 under budget.
Under Public Safety, Chairman Jack Bloess noted a public safety committee recommendation regarding the construction of a new fire station for the City, replacing the old one at 5th and Hancock. The new facility will also house a training center.

Second Ward Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Tina Boggess stated during that the north side of Sedalia will be taken care of, “right Chief?” she asked Fire Chief Irwin, who replied yes it will.

Council then approved a liquor license renewal for Cathy Goetz dba Break Time #3083. 808 E. Broadway, for packaged liquor, $150.

Council meets again June 17.

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