I am one of those people whose Netflix queue looks like either the most boring or the most violent in the history of mankind.  My boyfriend complains that it seems like all I'm interested in are long, somewhat morbid documentaries about World War II, World War I, Nazis, the Civil War, bombs and Mythbusters.  Well, I can't help it!  I love history.  I love all kinds of stuff like that.  So it is the kind of thing I'm definitely excited about looking into on a local level.  And you can do that anytime with the Katy Depot.

Sedalia was selected to host a traveling exhibit called Missouri and the Civil War. The traveling exhibit was produced by the Missouri Historical Society and the Missouri Humanities Council and will be on display through Mid February 2013.  Highlights of the exhibit include four interactive electronic kiosks that uniquely connect the present to past experiences of the Civil War.  It's organized along four broad themes: the exhibit looks at the contest for the hearts, minds, and bodies of Missouri’s citizens; the complex issue of slavery in Missouri; the guerrilla war that consumed Missouri during the period of the Civil War and the Union efforts to suppress that activity.

The Katy Depot’s 2013 annual feature exhibit, Sedalia and the Civil War, produced by Becky Imhauser, shares the stories of how the Civil War impacted ten Sedalians in particular. This exhibit will be on display throughout 2013.  Exhibit hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

So why not check it out?  It's a local way to learn something and share it with your kids.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll get your kids into long, black and white documentaries, too.

Civilly yours,


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