The City of Sedalia's trash & recycling program will undergo more changes in 2018 after City Council on Monday approved the purchase of three automatic side-loading trucks, along with trash & recycling carts at a cost of nearly $800,000 ($795,780 plus $5,000 for diagnostic software for vehicle maintenance).

McNeilus Truck & Mfg, Inc.

The automated side-loading trucks are being purchased through a lease-purchase arrangement through a National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) from McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc., Dodge Center, Minn. It is hoped they will better meet the overall long-term fleet needs of the Public Works Department and will ultimately result in cost savings, according to Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey and Sanitation Staff Coordinator Ron Stark.

A total of 14,200 garbage and recycling carts (7,100 of each type) were approved for purchase as well. They will be delivered at the same time as the new trucks, which should be around June or July. The carts are being purchased through Rehrig Pacific Company, DeSoto, Kansas. The cost of the carts is well over $650,000. That includes a reduction of $73,800 in grant funding. Each resident will receive one garbage cart and one recycling cart.

According to City Administrator Kelvin Shaw, the overall goal is to get residents to put more items in recycling than in the trash, he said on Dec. 11. That will eventually reduce the landfill costs the City pays.

It was noted that the purchase of the new trucks and carts will not result in an increase in trash pick-up fees.

A list of items that are okay to recycle is shown on the City's website.

Curbside residential recycling began in Sedalia on Oct. 3, 2016.

The trucks selected by the City will be 22-cubic-yard containers rather than the 26-cubic-yard model shown in the top photo.

McNeilus Truck & Mfg, Inc.