The Sedalia City Council conducted an emergency meeting Wednesday night to address two urgent items under Public Works.

The meeting took the form of a video conference call, with various council members both at home and at the Municipal Building, 2nd and Osage.

The first item Council dealt with involved the City's Well 13, which is considered a primary well. Well 13 needs immediate replacement of its pump assembly.

According to City Administrator Kelvin Shaw, "we can run without it, but if any other wells fail, we'll have pressure problems." The well is rated at 1.1 million gallons per day.

Layne Christensen Company, Kansas City, Kansas, was the low bidder for the project at $70,431. The price includes installation of a new pump assembly, and coating of the new pipe to prevent corrosion of the metal by acidic soil. The old pipe was apparently not coated when it was installed years ago, and no one at the meeting knew exactly why it wasn't.

Well 13 needs to be back online ASAP, Shaw noted, to be able to handle daily customer demand for water service.

The vote was seven yes and one absent (Councilman Charles Lowe) on the Well 13 pump replacement.

The second item involved repair of sanitary sewer laterals that serve the Union Pacific Depot, and replacement of a brick manhole located in the middle of Pacific Street.

The 100 block of Pacific Street runs past the old Lamy's Building, which is currently being renovated to make way for retail and office space, as well as upscale restaurants and apartments. On the other side of the street is the train depot.

Do-Rite Construction and Excavating, Lincoln, Mo., was the low bidder at $32,355.70.

Shaw explained that Council would normally go through a 30-day bid process. But doing so would force a delay in the Pacific Street re-build project by a private contractor.

The vote was seven yes, and one absent (Lowe).

Council spent a combined total of $102,786.70 in 15 minutes. Council is scheduled to meet again April 20.

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