A lot of kids in our area are totally psyched about the upcoming spring and summer months. They're so excited that everything they do outside is just brimming with gusto. I got to go down to the Sedalia Parks and Rec Easter Egg Hunt at Liberty Park this past Saturday (April 12) to see it for myself.

We got there pretty early, and just played around on the swings. Before long, tons of kids were there from all age groups, all waiting as patiently as their little bodies could. Here are some pictures of the event!

I'm sure you saw a cameo from our Brand Manager Doug Sokolowski and his kids, Gabriel and Lillibeth. We stuck to the 8-10 year old section. Here's how the actual hunt went down.

Yes, it was over just that quickly. I felt bad for anybody who got there a little late, I'm sure they missed it. Either way it was a great time. Check out the Sedalia Parks and Rec website for other upcoming activities for the adults and the kiddos.

Easterly yours,

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