I know when you think summer, you think about a few things.  Barbecues, the kids are out of school, time at the pool, and maybe a weekend or two at the Missouri State Fair.  But did you know there's a LOT of fun coming to Smithton well BEFORE the Fair?  

Oh my goodness, yes!  I'm sure you've heard about the Smithton Town and Country Fair before.  It's been around for ages.  But this  year,... wow, you guys.  They are really packing the schedule full of fun stuff for you and the whole family to enjoy.  Let's go over some of 'em, shall we?

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Well, the whole thing starts on Thursday, July 6th.  They'll have the Miss Pettis County pageant then, as well as the Little Miss and Princess contest.  Then, Friday night, you can go and watch the parade, enjoy some kid's games and bounce houses, a chicken catch, pedal pull, corn hole tournament, first responders dodgeball, AND a concert from Cedar Creek!

You're probably thinking, "Well, that's a lot of stuff.  That's enough, right?"  WRONG.  There's a whole Saturday of activities planned as well!  The fun starts on Saturday  morning at 8:00 a.m. and doesn't let up until well past dark.  They're going to have a livestock show, a 5k run and walk, a barbecue contest, car show, baby contest, skid steer rodeo, backseat driving, chicken catch, pie auction, kids games, pig dressing, and then another concert, this time by Full Moon.

You might notice there's no tractor pull this year.  But that's okay! I'm sure with all of these activities, you'll find a ton to do, at a great price (FREE).  Here's the whole, official schedule if you need times for specific events.



Of course, if you have questions, you can always message their Facebook page for details. But you know it'll be a great time, so why not make a whole day of it anyway!

Fairinly yours,

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