This article is compiled from the Sedalia Police Department reports.

Wednesday evening, Officers responded to the 3700 block of West Broadway for a possible harassment report. Upon arrival, Officers met with the caller, James Mark Taylor, who said he had been entering his vehicle when a man grabbed him and tried to stop him from entering the vehicle. The suspect then walked away headed southbound. The suspect was a white male, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and a yellow medical mask. A search of the area found no suspects matching the description of the suspect. Taylor did not report any injuries at the time and the suspect is still unknown but if identified, will be issued a Sedalia City Summons for Assault.


Early Thursday morning, Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop near the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and South Kentucky Avenue for a moving violation. The vehicle failed to yield and drove to the intersection of South Marvin and East 9th Street, where it came to a stop. As Officers attempted to arrest the driver, he pulled away and resisted their efforts. Geobern Frett, 46, of Sedalia, was arrested for Resisting Arrest and Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle.


Sedalia Police responded to the lobby of the Police Department for a report of a theft Wednesday evening. Upon arrival, Officers made contact with Jamie Schumaker, who said someone attempted to scam her elderly mother out of $1,000. Schumaker said a suspect called her mother and said they needed $1,000 in gift cards to help her son, who was out of state. The victim bought the cards, but Schumaker was able to intervene before the money was given to the suspect.


Wednesday night, Officers were dispatched to the intersection of South Limit and West Broadway Boulevard for reports of a subject walking in and out of traffic. Officers located the subject, who was in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Timothy Lingle Rife, 20, of Sedalia, was arrested for felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.


Sedalia Police responded to the Dollar General store in the 700 block of East Broadway Thursday night in reference to a subject check. An employee informed Officers that both subjects left the scene. The male subject was located and trespassed from the Dollar General. The female was not located. The male, Zachary L. Denny, 26, of Sedalia had an active Failure to Appear warrant on original charges of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and was arrested.


Wednesday afternoon, an Officer was dispatched to a theft report in the 300 block of McAnally Court. Barbara Farris stated that her children's bicycle and scooter were stolen sometime within the last three to four days.


Wednesday afternoon, a trespassing complaint was made to Sedalia Police in the 200 block of South Quincy. It was determined that the person that was trespassing was actually a resident of the home that the complainant did not want there. While there, two other subjects aided the "trespasser" in getting her items. The subject took all of her belongings and left. It was then that the complainant noticed he could not find his phone. No phone could be located in the property taken from the house. A general report was made.


County Distributing, in the 1800 block of Eagleview Drive, reported someone on their property Tuesday night. The subject spent time outside on the property before going into the warehouse area of the building, wandered around, opened office doors and going inside, going into the open sales rooms, opened a drawer in a common area, and then leaving the building and the property. There is video of the subject outside the building and on the property, the activity inside the building, and the subject leaving. On September 30th, the subject was identified. Unnamed charges are being submitted to the prosecutor.


Wednesday morning, an Officer was dispatched to the intersection of East 5th Street and South Washington Avenue in reference to a hit and run accident. Security footage showed a red semi-truck pulling a trailer scrape and damage a utility pole.


On the morning of September 30th, Officers responded to a call in the lobby of the Police Department in regards to stolen property. Madison B. Bogard stated property had been lost from a vehicle in the intersection of South Grand Avenue and Main Street. The property has not been recovered. There was no further information in the report.

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