The Sedalia Symphony Society recently concluded their 83rd season, and are now searching for a new conductor ahead of its 84th.

According to Byron Matson, the Symphony in Sedalia has only had three conductors in the group's entire history, which began in 1935. Abe Rosenthal, the first conductor of the Symphony, conducted for over 40 years. Rosenthal was succeeded by Charles Johnston who was in the position for over 20 years, and the most recent conductor, Gwen Kappelman, has announced her retirement after 8 years.

"We'll want someone in place by August 1," said Matson. "We need someone really strong in strings, of course, because that's the orchestra. We have woodwinds, we have brass, percussion, and so forth, but the strings are so important. We need someone very, very strong in strings."

Interested applicants can apply on the Sedalia Symphony's website, or through their Facebook page. A soft deadline for applicants has been set for June 1. The 84th season for the Sedalia Symphony Society will begin in October.

The Sedalia Symphony is an all-volunteer symphony, though there is a stipend budgeted for the conductor. The orchestra rehearses every Monday. "It's a wonderful group of people who get along and enjoy each other's company, and enjoy making music."

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