The manager of the Sedalia Water Department is getting ready to retire after working at the department for 45 years.

According to the City of Sedalia Newletter, Charles Brosch will retire from the water department at the end of July. He began his career in 1973 as a plant operator on the weekends and helped with maintenance during the week.

He was promoted to Chief Operator in 1983 and then to Plant Supervisor in 1988. Within the next eight years, Brosch continued to receive promotions from Assistant Manager in 1993, then to General Manager in 1996.

The City says that during his career, Brosch has also watched technology make great strides in improving the work processes within his department.

The Sedalia Water Department moved from incorporating surface water with well
water to strictly using well water, lessening the chances for water contamination.

Brosch said, “I would like to wish good luck to everyone as they all move forward with the merger of the Department into the city. I have truly enjoyed my time with the Sedalia Water Department but it will be the people I will miss the most. Our employees are what has always made this department great. Best wishes to you all.”

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

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