The Sedalia/Pettis County Branch of the NAACP is preparing for their annual Freedom Banquet.This year’s theme is “Moving Upward and Onward” and focuses on responsibilities to do what you can to maintain your health.

The primary purpose of the NAACP is to be sure that civil rights granted by law are guaranteed to all people. They help people deal with discrimination and make Sedalia a better community. They help with voter registration, serve meals at the Community Cafe, and contribute to Bothwell Hospital and the Salvation Army. They also offer scholarships to college students in all sorts of different fields of study.

This banquet is their main yearly fundraiser. I got to talk with  the President of the NAACP, Dr Rhonda Chalfant, about the banquet, the group, and how you can help.

The banquet is on April 5 at 4:00 p.m. at the Best Western Motor Inn. Tickets cost $25 each and you can get them from any NAACP member.  For more information, call 826-5592.

Fundily yours,